Bathroom Tile and Shower Tile

Do you have a wet wall and floor? Are there ‘maps’ or water stains on your bathroom walls that are stinking and disgusting? Tile installation can help stop these problems, leaving your bathroom cleaner, fresher, and more stylish. However, tile installation is not for the novice home handyman. In fact, tile that is installed by an inexperienced person could end up in detachment, cracking, and uneven installation, leaving your space looking worn and unkempt.

Do you have a traditional bathroom which you would love to give a modern new look? Although bathroom remodeling might be expensive, having a solid plan on what to do will save you from unnecessary costs.

Give your bathroom that fresh new look it deserves with new tile. At Díaz López Tile, we offer quality bathroom remodeling services for your home. Our team of professionals work with you to turn your bathroom into a space where you can unwind and at the end of the day. Want to get your days started? Give us a call at 707-703-7274 for your bathroom remodeling in he San Francisco Bay Area, we have experience in both commercial and residential tile installation. We can install new tile in all areas of your bathroom including floors, walls, and showers. Custom tile in your bathroom makes it easier to clean and instantly increases your home’s value.